The Advertising Diversity Task Force

We are an industry where diversity of talent is a commercial imperative.


We know, as an industry, we have the skills, energy and resource to attract and progress the best diverse creative talent in the country.


The Advertising Diversity Taskforce is an informal collective of the most progressive agencies and agency leaders in the UK, supported by expert organisations and client partners, designed to leverage these skills and drive change.

Ten initiatives are already in motion including:

Independent, individual diversity data audits for participating agencies.

A content programme to build greater awareness.

Smart modelling and shared approaches to ensure fair entry level salaries.

A cross industry mentoring platform.

A comprehensive programme to ensure greater diversity both on screen and behind the camera too.

If you are an agency head tired of the people getting tired of diversity, frustrated by the talking shops and want to get into action.


If you are not sure if your agency is on board, talk to your leaders to help push and make sign-up happen.

Email us now to sign up:

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